Jonathan Brice Lyman ∞ Creating Heavenly Earth
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Hello, I’m Jonathan.

I have a calling to Create Heavenly Earth.

Climbing out of a childhood of poverty and limiting beliefs, I have gained the clarity to answer my calling by using my natural artistic abilitis to express love and beauty.

Now, I play the role of art sorcerer by helping my clients capture their ideas with art that speaks to their soul and by creating inspiring artwork as a response to my impossible calling.

You can check out the art I’m working on by clicking here, or learn how I became an art sorcerer by clicking here.


Hello, I’m Jonathan.

I have a calling, a great mission in life that I call…

Creating Heavenly Earth

In order to answer this calling, I wear a costume called the Art Sorcerer, who captures visions of my unique connection with god, so you have art that speaks to your soul.

Read my story here, or check out my art below.